Conservatories and more


The construction of conservatories is in great demand especially in residential construction. The variability they offer, however, does not limit them only to homes, but they also provide solutions for porch extensions or expanding public and commercial spaces. Installing door and window systems, including lift-sliding doors, can create attractive and functional spaces.

  • Based on curtain wall system façades
  • Thermal transmission of the frame Uf of 0.7 W/m2K
  • System solutions for spatial details
  • Glazing range of 24-64 mm


Glazing balconies and loggias can easily increase their utility value. By providing protection against the wind and weather, it extends the potential use of these spaces. Our offer includes aluminum monorail systems with side stacking or double-rail sliding systems with visible frame.

  • Unobstructed view
  • Easy handling
  • Limits noise and dust
  • Improves safety


For preventing the overheating of large glazed surfaces, sunshades can be used instead of solar control glass. These are aluminum blades with a defined depth, spacing and tilting according to the project proposal. Sunshades can be placed on the glass surfaces one under another or with brackets perpendicular to the building.

  • Width of the blade 100-300 mm
  • Tilting of the blades up to 45°
  • They can be anchored to the glass façade and window structure
  • Elegant and firm shape of the blades


Building entrances can be sheltered from the rain with glass canopies anchored with tie-rods or placed on a supporting structure. Glass canopies are minimalist and elegant.

  • Practical solutions without compromising the appearance of the building
  • For support, the glass is wedged in or anchored by tie-rods
  • Safe design with tempered laminated glazing
  • Can be mounted on a finished façade