Fire protection systems


Glazed fire walls and doors can be designed using fire dividing structures in systems with structural depths of 60, 78 and 118 mm. Another available system has a structural depth of 77 mm for fire windows. Smoke and heat can be automatically extracted in combination with compatible electric motors.

  • Possibility of vertical structural joints called partitionless walls
  • Fire resistance up to EI120 with a structural depth of 118 mm
  • Fire resistance up to EI90 with a structural depth of 78 mm
  • Fire resistance up to EI30 with a structure all depth of 60 mm


In combination with high-quality drives, our fire-proof automatic doors are certified with fire resistance of EI15 or EI30. The design is based on a profiled series with a structural depth of 78 mm, thus ensuring system compatibility.

  • Width of single leaf door up to 1350 mm
  • Width of double doors up to 2710 mm
  • Weight of the leaf up to 200 kg
  • Smoke-tight design possible


For the construction of a light envelope with the required fire resistance of EI15 to EI60, a curtain wall façade system with a face width of 50 mm can be used. Interoperability with fireproof façades is commonplace.

  • Structural variation feasibility
  • Good for building skylights
  • Angled and corner joints
  • Glazing range of 24-64 mm