Sliding systems


Large, glazed surfaces make the building look exclusive and are a popular architectural feature in residential and commercial construction. The optimal construction depth of beams with extra insulators ensures excellent thermal properties.

  • Thermal insulation Ud of 0.84 W/m2K
  • Leaf size up to 3.2 x 3.3 m
  • Open corner without column support possible
  • Wheelchair access rails flush with the background


Automatic sliding door systems are used especially in commercial and public buildings. The quality of the aluminum beams and design of the door and drive ensure these systems find use in highly frequented areas.

  • Combination with door-windows and façade systems
  • Beams with no thermal break possible for interiors
  • Subtle embodiment of the drive possible
  • Fire alarm connection to the system possible


The basic product in the family of sliding systems is the standard sliding door. They are a good economic solution for subdividing partially heated areas. They are naturally barrier free and profiled with a thermal break.

  • Subtle look
  • Up to six sliding leafs
  • Double glazing possible
  • Leaf size up to 1.8 x 2.6 m


A separate group among sliding doors are accordion doors. The structure is based on a series of door and window systems. The composition of the panels, together with no barriers, allow generous interplay between the interior and exterior.

  • Up to 6 pleated panels
  • Panel size up to 1 x 2.7 m
  • Wheelchair accessible version
  • Easy handling