Interior solutions


Frameless glass systems make it possible to design interior glazed walls while retaining optical interplay, airiness and a subtle structure. All this with emphasis on design and the possibility of individual solutions. Also available are glass walls folding like an accordion or sliding until stacked on the side.

  • Spider fittings or countersunk profiles
  • Great choice of fittings for glass doors
  • Safety tempered or laminated glass
  • Fast assembly


Double envelope glass walls were especially developed for administrative and public office buildings. Double glazed or solid fill glass walls in thickness of 80 and 92 mm bring many practical advantages, particularly improved acoustic properties and the possibility of using the interspace for wiring.

  • Creates space for creative layout solutions
  • Possibility of installing internal blinds
  • Certified acoustic attenuation of 46 dB
  • Possibility of vertical structural joints


For applications where there is no requirement for a frameless solution or double envelope glass walls, aluminum frames with simple glazing are an option. Clean lines in the frames give commercial and office interiors an attractive and luxurious look.

  • System variability
  • Glazed and frame leaf doors
  • Possibility of vertical structural joints
  • Glued frame highlighting the door opening


Glass banisters supported by wedged stanchions, tie-rod fittings or framed glass can be used as a major architectural feature with fully functioning safety components.

  • Designer, functional and safety solutions
  • Do not create an optical barrier
  • Good not only for interiors
  • Easy maintenance